• Welcome to the Power School Library! 


    About Mrs. Vick:  This year, I am working on Wednesdays supervising the school library and teaching Pre-K, K, 1st, and 2-3rd grade library classes.    Jessica Maruska is my student aide who completes much of the circulation and helps to keep the library tidy.  

    To Access the Online School Library Catalog:  Click the Power School Library link on the left side of the Power School website homepage.  Each student was given two copies of their Power School Library Card which includes their card (barcode) number, as well as passwords for WorldBook Online and Montana Career Information System and access information for OverDrive.

    OverDrive:  This year we have subscribed to the Montana School Digital Collection using the OverDrive or OverDrive SORA application.  This is very similar to Montana Library2Go, which is used in public libraries, except that the content is more appropriate for school libraries.  There is a great selection of e-books, audiobooks and read-alongs for the younger students.  Students in grades K-6 are only able to access juvenile selections.  All of the student ChromeBooks have the application, and most of the students with cell phones downloaded the application.  Parents may download the application on home computers at http://opimt.lib.overdrive.com or on phones and other small devices by selecting OverDrive or SORA at the app store.

    ShoutBomb:  ShoutBomb is a free service that allows students/parents to get overdue notices and renew overdue books using their phones.  To access the system, you will need your student's library card number.  Text "signup" to 406-215-4240.  The pin number for all students in grades 6 and younger is CHANGEME;  the barcode number is their library card number.  Most of the students in grades 6-12 have already subscribed to the service.

    Overdue Slips:  Overdue slips are handed out on Wednesdays.  If your student gets an overdue slip, DON'T PANIC!  If you haven't seen the book, just write a short note explaining the situation.  Most of the time, missing books are found in backpacks, classrooms, and elsewhere around the school.