In order to be successful at math students must do a lot of math.  Therefore students will have homework every night this year.  We are using Saxon math which works on the philosophy that a topic cannot be mastered immediately and so students are given 5 days to work on a topic before testing.  It also believes that a student should be responsible for all the material up to that point for the year at any time so each test is cumulative.

    Student's grade will be calculated on 20% homework and 80% test grades.  Test occur after every 5 lessons.

    The program believes that homework is for practice and so homework grades are based on completion and not on correctness.  Completeness means all problems are attempted with work shown in a neat orderly manner.  
    Unfortunately in the past few years several sites have become popular for students to use for homework.  Some of them have the pages from the text books with written work and answers.  One of them you take a picture of the problem and it does it for you.  I would like help from you to watch for the use of these sites.  Students who rely on these sites for help don't learn how to follow through a problem because they get to a certain point and give up, look up the process, see how to do it, and write it down.  Students then don't know the process for the problems on the test.    These sites also have answers for other subjects as well.
    Requirements for the course:  Book, homework, pencil and a pen for correcting to class each day.  Papers done in pen will not be accepted.  Because of scribbling out wrong answers and attempts, papers are to hard to read.
    Saxon believes as do I that students need time to practice what they have learned, so each day students get some of the class period to do problems.  At this time I circulate through the classroom.
    Please note that since we do a lesson a day, that you can figure out which lesson your child has missed if he/she is gone for a day.  If your child  is gone and wants to do his assignment I will always accept the odd numbered problems after an absence if the assignment is unknown.  This way your student can work if he chooses to do so.
    I put my lessons into my gradebook in advance.  Unless there is a number or a zero in the lesson spot, I have not entered those grades and the paper is not missing.