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  •   Most of the students are currently working on designing and creating their display boards for the science fair. This is a very critical part of their project since it is their main support system for presenting their projects to the judges. The boards must be completed no later than Feb. 11 in order to allow for the minimum number of practices on their presentations. We have a number of events coming up that will interrupt our practices so it will be very critical that students are present at school from this time up until the science fair.

      If it is a windy, soggy day outside when your display board is brought to school, PLEASE make sure it is well protected with a large garbage bag so that it doesn't get ruined by landing in a water puddle or in sloppy snow. The boards will be staying at the school for the remainder of the process and will not be going home until after the science fair is completed. A lot of panic and tears have happened in the past when students took their boards home to finish or to practice their presentations, and then ruined the board when it was in transport. If parents would like to help students with board design or presentation practice, all parents are more than welcome to come into the school during 5th or 6th period or after school to help out. All help is greatly appreciated!


      New Change to Assignments for 6th and 7th grade Math classes!

    Beginning on lesson 61 and moving forward, students will need to correct all incorrect problems on returned assignments. These are expected to be corrected in a prompt manner so that students can benefit from learning from their mistakes and bring up their grades on assignments as well as perform better on tests.


      Please remember that I am in my classroom regularly after school if you need additional help or just need a place to work quietly on homework it is available. 


      You'll notice that lesson plans and assignments are easy to navigate to and view right on my calendar. Just click on your class to see what the plan and assignment are for the day! If you'd like to check on your grades, just go to the Infinite Campus quick link on the right and sign in. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

    For more information on my classroom expectations, grading policies, and contact information, please read the welcome letter.
    Classroom Needs:
    If you know of anyone that may be interested in judging science fair projects the morning of Feb. 26th, please have them contact the school and speak to Mrs. Harvell or me. Leaving a message on voicemail is also acceptable.


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