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       It feels like spring is finally here! Hurray!
       The kids are feeling the end of the school year drawing near and are finding it a bit harder to concentrate on their studies. This will be the time when families will really need to be diligent about making sure assignments are being completed and turned in on time.  The weekly assignments and their due dates are available for students and parents to view at any time on the Infinite Campus site. If you have any questions please feel free to call.
       Please check the upcoming events to make sure of test dates and other important events that are happening.  
       Up-to-date grades and assignments are available on the Infinite Campus Portal.  For access, go to the school's homepage and sign in. It is very important for all students to stay caught up on assignments from the very beginning in order to have a successful school year. For those students participating in extracurricular events, please remember that I generally do not delay any academics because of extracurriculars. A number of students found out last year that it was less stressful if they worked ahead on assignments and allowed extra time for additional help.
    For more information on my classroom expectations, grading policies, and contact information, please read the welcome letter.
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